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Fairway Creative - version 1

While we have been working on many projects behind the scenes we are thrilled to release the very first version of the Fairway Creative website to the public! This release highlights what we can offer to you, the client, as well as showcasing some of the technologies we love.

This site utilizes the following:

  • Next.js - React framework hosted on static edge hosting resulting in super fast and reliable websites. The react framework allows for the site and sequential pages to be built once, allowing for near instant navigation throughout your website. Next.js is our preferred method for deploying websites.
  • Ghost - Ghost is an open source blogging platform we utilize for the "Beyond the Fairway Blog" you are reading right now! By separating your blogging, content management, and other site features from the frontend, it allows for robust changes, speed, and increased flexibility. Ghost is built for speed and designed for professional blogging!

There is much more behind the construction of the site, but we are thrilled you are here. Let us know if we can help you utilize these same technologies for your website!

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